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john: pretend the floor is lava u guys hehehe it’s so fun

paul: OW OW OW OW!!!!!!!! lava is hot!!!

john: yeah no shit; hey george why aren’t u playing

george: i’m allowing myself to be exposed to the extremely high temperature of the lava so that my body can adapt faster when i’m damned to eternal hell. u kids have fun, tho!

john: oh ok

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George Harrison. Photographed by Norman Parkinson.
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Paul McCartney’s “Apple Jacket”

McCartney’s “Apple jacket” is in no doubt recognisable to the world as Paul’s casual jacket from 1967 straight through the Beatles career end. The jacket made it’s debut on August 24, 1967 in London (TL), during the bands meeting with the Maharishi. It is seen continuously in literally dozens of images straight through to 1969.

Those appearances include the rehearsals for and the final cut of the film Magical Mystery Tour, as well as the hugely important May 11, 1968 trip to New York with John to announce the formation of Apple, Ltd (2ndR). (Hence, the name/color.)

Photos and info come from mclennonlovers.

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My favourite masterpiece by John Lennon

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Shea Stadium, 1966

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my first love ♥♥♥

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